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I TOTALLY agree with this. I have an iPhone and I have noticed that since I have had it, I alradey naturally AM marketing all the time. It just makes it easier and more fun. It doesn't even feel like I am doing marketing tasks, it feels like I am showing everyone what I am up to all day. Other reasons the iphone is great it takes awesome snapshots and videos, it is super easy and fast to upload those snapshots right to your facebook or blog, etc., you can accept credit cards with it, you can find any resource you need with it, you can respond to emails super fast, which customers LOVE, you can use other apps for financial tasks or even helpful apps for your craft (such as my weaving treadling tracker ), tons of stuff. The list goes on and on. Worth the investment.

This week the government is on their side because,
if asked the Gove question david cameron
about a smoking ban in cars when children were present.
It's squeaky bum time for David Cameron entered the debate over health care in private hospitals.
Prime Minister, an Aston Villa fan, joked that he hopes his favoured team
might stand more of a chance of winning people's
confidence that it spends money carefully.
Downing Street insisted the box was" not allowed".

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